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Welcome to Taz Goat Farm in Tindivanam, Tamilnadu, India. You will visit here then find about goat, features, how to start goat farming in Vilupuram, goat farming in Tindivanam, and goat farming in Chengalpattu, etc. This blog also covers  information about goat and their features, feeding and breeding, instruction for raising boer goat and raising thalacherry goat, how to fast growing and protect your goat.

Taz goat farm is located on a National Highway NH45, Pathiri village near the melmaruvathoor temple, 3km from Acharapakkam toll gate. The farm is located on 20 acres of land. We specialized for Boer and thalacherry goats. So our farm called Boer and Thalacherry Goat Farm. Our farm duty is to create fast growing, high quality, genetically higher Boer breeding stock and supply to the upcoming Goat farm in Vilupuram, India. Our farm is well maintained by team of specialist including veterinary doctors. Our team to take care of the boer goat, thalacherry goat and newly born Boer kids carefully. Feed them their mother’s milk regularly. Keep the kids and their mother in a separate room or place for some days. Our veterinary doctors protect the kids from virus and diseases. We are the best supplier of boer goat and thalacherry goat in Tindivanam.

Goat farming in India:

Before you start with goat farming collect information about goat and goat farming. The started location of goat farming is very important. You start goat farming in india. Then analysis the location and which goats are best for this climate. After analysis which goats are gives benefit to you.

Goat farming in Vilupuram:

You start with goat farming in Vilupuram.  First analysis goat farming in Vilupuram is match or not. After the analysis which goats are match these location and give better benefits. Finally we are analysed how to Raising goat farming in Vilupuram.

Goat farming near to Chengalpattu:

Normally all location are match to goat farming. But choosing goat types are very important. So choose goats are based on your location. Goat farming near to Chengalpattu is the best location for goat farming.