Thalacherry Goats

The breed derives its name from its native surroundings of “Malabar” area of northern Kerala where they are solidly lived.

Thalacherry breeds are initiate from the States of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. True-bred animals are however found in the districts of Thalacherry, Kasargod, Kannur and Kozikkot in Kerala. It is an average sized animal of double utility and constitutes only 10% of the total goat population of the state. We are supply best thalacherry goat for sales. So we are the quality supplier of thalacherry goat and best seller of thalacherry goat.

Tamilnadu is the best living place for thalacherry goat. Some places are thalacherry goat in Chennai, thalacherry goat in vilupuram, thalacherry goat in tindivanam, thalacherry goat in Chengalpattu, etc. These places are very suitable for thalacherry goat.

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Features of Thalacherry Goat:

Feature of thalacherry goat not changed based on their location [thalacherry goat in Chennai, thalacherry goat in vilupuram, thalacherry goat in tindivanam, talacherry goat in Chengalpattu, etc]. So all the thalacherry goats are same features. Thalacherry goats have some special Features which have made them different from other goat breeds.

  1. They do not have any same body color. Popular of the goats are white or black but goats with mixed colors of black, while and brown are also found.
  2. They have a medium sized head with a straight face; some have slightly raised face also.
  3. Birth weight is around 2.3 kg and Average body weight in one year on pasture grazing. for Male – 28 kgs, for Female: 24 kgs.
  4. They have good mothering instincts and produce large quantities of milk to support their kids.
  5. The average milk yield is recorded as 65 kg in a lactation of 172 days.
  6. They are also fed with the jack leaves and coconut oil cakes


Feeding  and Breeding:

They are also fed with the Jack leaves and coconut oil cakes. They have produced large quantities of milk to support their kids. Their skin is very matched for leather production.

They are productive breeders and suitable for cross breeding with Jamunapari or Boer buck. One major reason for their popularity among goat farmers is their ability to produce twins or triplets consistently. They are one of the powerful breeds available in India and suited for most agro-climatic zones. These goats also have excellent mothering instincts and produce huge quantities of milk to maintain their kids.  They have a higher feed conversation ratio than most of the local breeds.

Instruction for Raising Thalacherry Goat:

  1. The house of thalacherry goat farm should be suitable and comfortable enough for them. The goats are cared and kept separated depending on their breed, age, sex, and weight.
  2. Make the house of the goat which is free from worms and all types of insects. Always clean and maintain the required temperature.
  3. Care the newly born thalacherry kids carefully. Feed them their mother’s milk regularly. Keep the kids and their mother in a separate room or place for some days.
  4. To protect the kids from virus and diseases.
  5. Always keep a water pot filled with clean and fresh water in front of the goat.
  6. Try to feed the goat enough fresh and green grasses.