Welcome to Taz Goat Farm in India.

  • Our aim is “make happy customer “.
  • We are growth our goats are heath and wealthy.

Welcome To Our Taz Goat Farm in Tindivanam

Thalacherry Goats
The breed derives its name from its native surroundings of “Malabar” area of northern Kerala where they are solidly lived. Thalacherry breeds are initiate from the Stat Read More..
Boer Goat
Boer goat is a high meat creative goat breed. The top exporter of boer goat meat from Australia. They use Boer goats to do this. But the native place of bore goat is South Africa i Read More..

Features Of Our Goats

  • Usually goats are very lovable and very friendly in nature.
  • Taz goat farm provide the service of breeding, Farming for the purpose of harvesting milk, meat and fiber.
  • Our farm is well maintained by team of specialist including veterinary doctors.

CEO Message

I have all times a passion for farming and I strongly believe that I can make a big difference goat farming in Tamilnadu, India. I was started goat farm in 3 years back. I am currently running Taz goat farming near to Chennai, Tamilnadu, India an innovative beneficial manner. Our goat farming near to Chennai is specialized for boer and thalacherry goats.  It has been a satisfying journey and we wish a great success!!

Profitable goat farming in India is becoming very trendy day by day. As goat farming in india is a confirmed highly profitable business idea so, the reputation of this business is increasing rapidly in India. The goats are the main meat producing animal in India. The People mainly prefer goat meat and has a huge domestic demand. Goats are also very suitable for milk, skin production and fiber. Naturally that lives in mountainous, semi-arid and arid regions of India. There are more than 25% goats among the country.

About locations

Goat farming in Tamilnadu:

  • We sure our location is very easy to transport of goat. Because Taz goat farm is located on a National Highway NH45, Pathiri village near melmaruvathoor temple, 3km from Acharapakkam toll gate. So it is nearer to local markets. Approximately, our goat farm near to Chennai, near to chengalpattu.
  • Our location is good and clean water with proper ventilation. So see our location is very naturally. Farm is located in 20 acres of land. Our goat shed built in such a way that abundant air flow and ventilation pass through.
  • We use raised platform system means, we can reduce infection level. Wire meshed in around the shed. This location free from any predators like country dogs/wolfs.
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